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Fostering the Growth of our Local Economy

Current Prices

Unleaded Gasoline:$3.559 / gallon
On Rd Diesel:$4.059 / gallon
Off Rd Diesel:$3.359 / gallon
$2.389 / gge

Located at 12600 PA-66, Clarion, PA 16214. Open 24/7.


PALO CNG LLC is a provider of multiple alternative fuels. By providing these alternative fuels to consumers, we hope to make a significant impact on the use of overseas oils. Our goal is to diversify the fuels that we use here in the United States while also using more fuels that are manufactured here at home. It is our hope to impact the economy and the environment at the same time in a positive way. There is enough natural gas under our feet in Pennsylvania to power this entire country into the next generation.

PALO CNG is an affiliate of Francis J. Palo, Inc.

Doritos tractor-trailer parked at PALO CNG gas station in Clarion, PA.
One of the first CNG tractor trailers known in the tri-state area uses our station!


Safety and Quality

  • We are fully inspected and certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.
  • Clean and filtered fuel 
  • Full pressure fills 
  • High speed diesel pumps 
  • Fuel prices have no hidden fees and include all road taxes 
  • We accept all major credit cards and existing fleet cards. No need for a specialty card. 
  • Locally owned and operated.

Become a Customer of PALO CNG 

PALO CNG CARD Application CNG Card Application

   Terms and Conditions for Monthly Billing
Terms and Conditions
*Signature Required

Training Verification Training Verification
(major credit card users)

We accept the following forms of payment

Accepted payment forms: American Express, Mastercard, VISA, and Discover.Debit cards accepted as a form of payment.
Voyager fuel card.
Wright Express
PALO fleet card.
Fuelman fuel card.
Fleet One fuel card.